Inner Healer in Psychedelic and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Here at Sacred Wellness, we talk a lot about guiding you home to yourself. One of my long-held beliefs in therapy is that every client is the actual expert in their experience, and it is my job and honor to help guide each client home to themselves. My best work is always done in collaboration with what I call the client’s inner healing intelligence or inner healer. The language for inner healer may differ from client to client, so we work together to identify the language for this part that suits the client’s beliefs. Some clients prefer using the language of inner wisdom, inner champion, higher self, or holy spirit. There is all kind of nomenclature that a client can use. For the sake of this blog, I will continue to use inner healer for ease. Once a client is able to access their inner healer through a process of building trust, they become more able to uncover what parts of self are blocked and what parts of self are not being well integrated into their life. We really believe that for an expansive and wholehearted life, each and every part of self must be welcomed, acknowledged, and embraced by the inner healer. We really want to access the inner healer within our clients and use that as a guide in sessions, especially with medicines like ketamine. We want to go into dosing sessions trusting the inner healer to bring forward what it is the client either needs to know or process or make meaning of. I would invite you to maybe take some time today and sit with that thought of an inner healer. Maybe think about what language feels right to you. Or if you have had an experience accessing your inner healer, how can you do that on a more regular basis?

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