The Beauty of Holding

There is something so magical about Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) dosing sessions. It is hard to put into words the sacred sense in the room. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy every single time. The level of bravery and vulnerability of the clients as they venture into the unknown. I can never predict what they will feel, see, or experience. I can only hold space. And witness. It makes me weepy just thinking about the beauty of these moments. Sometimes, I find myself holding the clients energetically. Sending thoughts of love and acceptance. Sometimes, I find myself guarding their space—like a sense they need to be protected in the moment of meeting self—with no outside influence or voices swaying the interaction. It’s like watching a new relationship form on sacred ground. Sometimes, I am asked to provide physical support. Holding a hand or rubbing someone’s back. Knowing how vulnerable it is to state this need and accept comfort only magnifies the weightiness. Whether tranquil or difficult each journey floors me with the significance and the conscious awareness brought to light. I cannot overstate how honored I feel to do this work.

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