Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Couples


  • Rediscover play, connection and joy in your partnership
  • Undertake honest confrontation of self and develop curiosity toward your partner
  • Move through defensive blocks and well-rehearsed projections
  • Transcend narratives about what is possible for “us”
  • Grow new emotional muscle and empathy

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) allows couples to support one another through a transformative healing process that can interrupt negative reactive patterns, increase personal accountability and enhance emotional intimacy in their partnership. In addition, KAP reduces trauma response, increases self-awareness and improves emotional regulation.

Using Ketamine has the powerful potential to create deeper and more rapid growth and healing in couples who have been stuck for some time. Sometimes described as a “lubricant” for the release of defensiveness and anxiety, Ketamine is a tool that can provide a steppingstone toward shifts that might otherwise take years to achieve.


During preparation, both partners will meet with Lynde together for two 50 minute sessions and individually for 50 minutes. We will work together to build trust, safety, and rapport, as well as have conversations about expectations, desires, anxieties, and fears about the dosing sessions. Clients will be provided information about the ketamine experience and have all questions about the process answered.  


During a dosing session, both partners are given a low dose of ketamine and enter an altered state of awareness. The couple will experience a relaxed, more vulnerable state and will be able to share and receive feedback more openly. Ketamine helps clients soften their defenses and communicate with each other more compassionately. Couples experience a break from the reactive ways they communicate when hurt and are able to process areas of ‘stuck-ness’ and break recurring patterns.


Dosing sessions will be followed by integration sessions where couples can process insights from the journey, make meaning of their experience and –most importantly– strategize about how to build practices in their life that will support these insights. With a new perspective in mind and heart, couples can create a shared vision for a more fulfilling relationship going forward.