Individual KAP

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Individuals

Guiding you home to yourself

Is the life you are living congruent with your deepest intentions, values, and desires? Do you long to feel more alive? Are you struggling and feeling lost in your daily grind? These are just some ways a ‘stuckness’ can show up in our lives. Using Ketamine as a tool in therapy can help unlock so much of what is blocking us from living our fullest lives.

The writing below offers some of the possibilities when working with Ketamine:

Maybe you don’t know what it is to feel pleasure, joy, rest, nurture, peace.
Maybe you can’t imagine what it’s like to experience yourself outside of fear, anger, negative thought patterns.
Maybe you are accessing a felt sense of goodness that transcends any experience you know.
Maybe you are learning that there is good.
And you can know it.
Feel it.
Maybe you are learning how to access this sensation any time you want.
Challenging old beliefs that you aren’t deserving of pleasure, joy, rest, nurture, peace.
Believing that these things exist in the world.
And in you.
Maybe you are recalling happy memories and moments that got lost to the hardship, heartbreak, pain, trauma.
Or maybe you are accessing traumatic memories.
Facing fears.
Facing parts of self.
Maybe you are really experiencing through your body overwhelming feelings.
Meeting shadow parts.
Acknowledging pain.
Maybe you are finding strength you didn’t know you had while surviving the things you fear.
Maybe you are healing.
Maybe you are becoming whole.


Each series will include three 50 minute preparation sessions via Zoom or in-person. During preparation, clients will begin to discuss their goals and intentions for working with ketamine. They may choose to discuss their previous work with ketamine or other psychedelic substances or non-substance-induced altered states, either recreational or therapeutic (or both). We will invite conversation about expectations, desires, anxieties, and fears about the dosing session. The therapist will provide information about the ketamine experience and answer questions about the process.  


Each series will include three 3 hour dosing sessions that take place in-person at our office in Brentwood. The dosing sessions will include a here and now check in, mindfulness exercises, co-creating a sacred space, an inward-facing ketamine journey, processing, and a light snack. Clients will receive specific instructions on supplies to bring prior to this session.  


Dosing sessions will be followed by integration sessions where clients will process insights from the journey, make meaning of their experience and –most importantly– strategize about how to build practices in their life that will support these insights. Each series will include four 50 minute integration sessions via Zoom or in-person.