Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Groups

Guiding you home to yourself with the powerful witness of community.

We know group therapy can be intimidating with or without the added piece of Ketamine. We know that for all sorts of reasons, the idea of inviting community into a vulnerable experience can be scary. We also acknowledge that for many, community or connection have not always been safe or available, which may heighten the level of anxiety.

Here’s what we also know: there is a gift in having witnesses to the profound and incredibly brave experience of healing. We really believe in the power of connection. Our hope is to work hard to create an environment of community that is inclusive, non judgmental and affirming of whatever experience you have on your journey with us. We vow to do this by welcoming the anxiety and allowing space for it, by naming and processing any barriers to feeling safe within the group, and by working together to honor the unique needs of participants that will enhance the felt sense of safety within the group. 

Each series will include three preparation sessions, three dosing sessions, and four integration sessions. Preparation and integration sessions will run for 1 ½ hours each via Zoom or in-person. Dosing sessions will be 3 ½ hours each and take place in-person at a space in Brentwood. 


During preparation, participants will get to know one another and discuss their goals and intentions for working with ketamine. They may choose to discuss their previous work with ketamine or other psychedelic substances or non-substance-induced altered states, either recreational or therapeutic (or both). We will invite conversation about expectations, desires, anxieties, and fears about the dosing session. As the facilitators, we will provide information about the ketamine experience and answer questions about the process.  


The dosing sessions will include a group discussion, mindfulness exercise, co-creating a sacred space, an inward-facing ketamine journey, group processing and a light snack. Participants will receive specific instructions on supplies to bring prior to this session.  


Dosing sessions will be followed by integration sessions where participants can process insights from the journey, make meaning of their experience and –most importantly– strategize about how to build practices in their life that will support these insights. The group will serve as both a supportive community and provide a level of accountability to following through on commitments to integration.