Power in Numbers

The group component of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. I am asked about this more than anything. Why group? It is the most anxiety-inducing part for most inquiring clients. Not the idea of taking a medicine and potentially having a psychedelic experience. I was surprised by this at first, but I have come to expect and even welcome it now. And my answers are usually the same. Starting with the fact that things will happen in group that I could not replicate or manufacture in individual sessions. There is something incredibly healing in being witnessed and known, especially in our most vulnerable moments. I will never forget when one client looked at another client and said, “I will be little x’s friend. I wish I could have been there to defend you.” This corrective emotional experience was such a balm to a very wounded, young part of the client. This magical synchronicity that I cannot predict or explain occurs so frequently in the group setting. It is something I think everyone should experience:  healing in community. The power of witness is so incredibly potent, and words just do not do the experience justice. I invite you to consider what it might be like for you.

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