The total cost is $3,675.00 per participant, to be paid via cash or check. The group is priced at $175.00 per clinical hour. Credit card payments will incur an additional fee of 3.5% and the former payment methods are preferred. A non-refundable deposit of $675 is due after initial assessment to hold your spot. Remaining balance to be paid at first session. Please note that while participants are able to withdraw from the group at any point, the group fee of $3,675.00 is not refundable.  

In addition, patients will be referred for a consultation with the practitioner who will prescribe ketamine lozenges to participants if it is determined to be clinically appropriate. We cannot guarantee that participants will receive a prescription but can discuss counter indications on a general level to help determine if there are any obvious rule-outs. 

The fee for initial medical consult is $250.00. Participants will be prescribed enough sub-lingual ketamine lozenges for the three dosing sessions. Approximate cost of prescription is $45.